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The Key Is the Right System.

Curated Service - Because You're One Of A Kind

Most services we offer, including social media audits, training and management, recruiting and overall small business consulting – they are all catered to YOUR needs. We’ll spend time learning everything about you and provide sustainable tools that you can apply, consistently.
FREE Consultations available for all clients.

Organizational Systems

Are your KPIs set and being met? Are you operating as efficienctly as you can be, using the right systems & tools to conduct business? Have you identified and found ways to increase your ROIs? In just a short while, our team can get you set up for your organizational success.


Do people know about your business? Are you being found easily? Are you running successful ads with high click-through rates? Do you have any digital footprint at all? Our team can help you get the right strategy in place to place your business on the digital map - from branding and logos, to Google Ads and Search Engine Optimization.

The Right Fit

Recruiting works both ways - we want to find the right person for the client, but we want the applicant to also find the right place for them. This lowers turnover rate and ensures a long-lasting, happy relationship. This always results in a win-win situation for all! Recruiting is an art, and we've got the right paint brushes.

Time is KEY

How much time can you clear up by having the right strategy in place? No more delays in getting projects out. We can introduce automations to make your life easier. We build social media content calendars and job-seeking strategies that leave you with leftover time to finally take that break your deserve so much.

Services Overview

Business Consulting

We help with everything between organizational system overhauls, to establishing KPIs, to company culture growth and 10X strategy planning

Social Media Management

Our team is equipped to manage all of your social media platform needs. We will work with you to build social media content calendars matching your brand and identity.

Resume Building & Interview Prep

Check out our free resume-building masterclass or, book a one-on-one with a recruiter. We know what hiring managers are looking for. Interview prep services available on a one-on-one basis.


We offer courses on social media – Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and a basic graphic design app called Canva. Courses can be generic, or, you can upgrade to a curated course just for your needs!


We’ve said it already. Recruiting is an art, and we have the right paint brushes. With over 300 people placed in just a few years and a low turnover rate, we know who will fit where and what you’re looking for.

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A message From The Founder

In Latin, LIBERO means to free, or to rescue. The reason I chose this name was because no matter the circumstance, everyone needs a little help. So why not something that applies to each and every one of us?

I’ve spent over a decade helping small businesses and not-for-profit organizations set up successful systems and strategies to achieve their desired results – whether that was internal processes and morale, establishing an effective digital footprint that turns profit and remains sustainable, or, finding new ways of generating revenue.

Simultaneously, I’ve placed hundreds of individuals in their respective jobs, applying my recruiting experience to help them connect to the right positions.

Now, I’ve taken this process and, since January, 2021 and launched LIBERO Solutions. We solely work with small companies and organizations, because they are the backbone of this economy.

Our mission is to help each and every client achieve sustainable, scalable growth and have long-lasting strategies put in place, essentially – not needing us any more!

I can’t wait to help you.


Ina Maria Toncescu